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Away We Go: A road trip romance


Away We Go : Big Beach Films

  What else is there to be learned about love? Plenty! There isn’t a degree in romance. One can only hope for the best in matters of the heart. In "Away We Go" we are presented a charming film about love and relationships. The film centers around a couple traveling to find the perfect home for themselves and their unborn child.

This movie is funny, lively, and insightful. It envokes a clear and comforting message . Despite conventional wisdom, It’s best to embrace the querkiness of love. Love is not defined by a textbook. Relationships should serve each individual couple as they see fit.

The audience is given a glimpse of several different relationships that might be foreign, or possibly painfully familiar to the viewer. This movie revives realistic romance and gives a feeling of serene calm all throughout.

Without being formulaic, the film maintains it's "romantic comedy" status. Several couples the main characters encounter are hilarious. Their outlooks on life and raising children in general will prompt several giggles. Though they are just supporting roles, they've all managed to create larger than life characters.

There isn't much negative to say about this film. It’s best to sit back with a loved one and have a few laughs and embrace the movie’s unique beauty.

For more info on this movie and to view the trailer, click on the "Away We Go" link above. The Internet Movie Database is in opinion the best resource for information on any film.