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‘Awareness Walk’ against bullying in Martin County on Saturday

Martin County School District’s Citrus Grove Elementary media specialist Lana Barros and media assistant Shawna Hixon are coordinating “Martin Takes a Stand Against Bullying – An Awareness Walk,” to take place on Saturday, April 19 at Memorial Park in downtown Stuart. The event is part of the school’s “iStand - Bullying Awareness Program.”

Martin County School District:  No Bullying
Snyder for Sheriff website 2012

The School District of Martin County has been vocal and visible on making its stance through a number of activities that are ongoing in the District such as working with community partners in having the renowned speaker Keith Deltano present “Martin Stands Up…Against Bullying!” during National Bullying Prevention Month in October and hosted 15-year-old country music performer Lizzie Sider, who brought her anti-bullying assembly to 13 elementary and middle schools in the District in January.

Bullying is not a desired characteristic trait or activity that should be tolerated by anyone whether as individuals, communities or nations. There is no manipulation, control or abuse over anyone in America that will be tolerated regardless of any personal or group ethnicity background or valued outlook on any issue.

Students, parents, schools, and the community at large are invited to participate. Participants are to meet at Memorial Park at 8:00am for a welcome by Martin County Sheriff William Snyder. The walk will start at 8:15am. Savanna Webber, a member of Martin County High School’s OPUS (chorus group) will sing the National Anthem. Various community organizations will provide anti-bullying resources.

The Martin County School District is committed to the prevention of bullying and offers a number of resources – many of which are available on its web site – to students, parents, and educators.

(Photo on Left: Martin County Sheriff William Snyder, (one of the four law enforcement heads along the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County) is a well-respected law enforcement officer that looks at the ‘cause’ as well as the ’effect’ thoroughly and prudently with a background in Florida state legislature and extensive previous law enforcement experience, Sheriff Snyder knows how to read, write and enforce the law proficiently in the best interest of all.)

REF: Martin County School District e-Newsletter: April 2014

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