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Awareness: sitting too much.

The culture of sitting.

Sitting at a bar.
Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images
  • Are you aware that you are sitting more than eight hours a day, 2920 hours per year! On the other side and in general, people get only approximately 5 hours of sleep every night.

Sitting is a common practice for many desk jobs. Behind a desk, at the lunch counter, driving, in a bar, watching television, at the dinner table, at the movies; in all these activities’ sitting is the most favored position.

‘Sit and be quiet’.

‘Sit’ is also use to control children. Even children need to be seated, listen and be quiet. At school or home, ‘sit and be quiet’ is used all the time with children.

  • ‘Sit, mammy is busy; daddy is looking at the football game, etc.’

Sitting is the worse and highest factor for disastrous health outcomes.

In a country where obesity, type II diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular ailments are very high, sitting is a major and contributing factor for the increase of illnesses even among prior tobacco ‘ users’. On top of that are Junk foods such as pizza with pepperoni, doughnuts, steak and cheese, bier. Prescribed medications are another contributing factor. We really need to be aware that even with the best health care coverage, we are really going to be ‘seated’ with disastrous health outcomes until we change how we perceive our regular and daily habits as being normal. No drug will repair damages caused by sitting. The only cure should be ‘start moving’. Obviously free of charge!

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