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Award winning TV producer and directer killed in shark attack

Adam Strange killed in shark attack
Adam Strange killed in shark attack, The Guardian

Award-winning TV and film director, Adam Strange was killed in a shark attack on February 27th at a popular beach north of Auckland, New Zealand.

The gruesome attack happened at Muriwai Beach at approximately 1:30 PM. Pio Mose was fishing on a rock with other fishermen and witnessed Strange being attacked by a great white.

"All of a sudden we saw the shark fin and next minute, boom, attack him then blood everywhere on the water," Mose said when speaking to

Mose immediately dialed for emergency help and another witness ran to get lifeguards. Seeing that Strange was still alive, the fishermen called to him to swim to the rock they were on.

"He was still alive, he put his head up," said Mose. "He raised his hand up, and then while he was rising his hand up we saw another attack pull in the water."

Strange surfaced one more time before Mose realized it was too late and he was dead. Others who witnessed the horrific attack said that up to four more sharks came as Stranges' blood spread throughout the water.

Police responded in an inflatable life boat and also by helicopter. At least 20 shots were fired at the sharks, but it was too late to save Strange. It has been reported that one of the sharks measuring 14 feet long was killed and washed ashore.

Inspector Shawn Rutene said it took police about 30 minutes to recover the body of Strange as the sharks circled the area.

It is estimated that around 200 people were on the beach when the attack took place.

Adam Strange is survived by his wife, Meg and a baby girl.

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