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Award winning author Mara Leveritt to speak at Nashville True Crime Workshop

Award wining author Mara Leveritt will be speaking at the Nashville, Tennessee True Crime Workshop, to be held February 8 - 9, 2014 in Nashville's Scarrett -Bennett Center.

Mara Leveritt is best known for her book "Devil's Knot" the story of the "West Memphis 3," three teens convicted of the murders of three children in West Memphis, Arkansas; the teens were eventually released from prison after the case received international attention. She also penned "The Boys on the Tracks" about the murder, and subsequent cover-up, of two teen boys found mutilated on an Arkansas train track.

Leveritt is a contributing editor to the Arkansas Times and is a recipient of The Arkansas Journalist of the Year; the above true crime books were awarded Arkansas’s prestigious Booker Worthen Prize. A feature film of "Devil’s Knot," starring Reese Witherspoon, is set for release near the end of this year. Leveritt is also a recipient of the Laman Fellowship Award.

Leveritt's work details the corruption in government and law enforcement. She hails from a law enforcement family. One of her relatives was a police officer during the "Al Capone era" in Chicago, when the city was as its most corrupt. However, Leveritt's officer/family member refused bribes and exposed corrupt officers. Leveritt has the utmost respect for law enforcement officials, but believes strongly, as her family did, corrupt officials need to be exposed and removed from positions of power. Her work also praises those officials, to include law enforcement officers, who are positive examples of those who wear a badge.

The Nashville, Tennessee True Crime Workshop is a two day event where law enforcement officials, publishers and agents, true crime authors, future true crime authors, and true crime readers meet to discuss the genre and exchange ideas and information. The focus is to maintain quality writing and research in the true crime genre. There will be door prizes, free food, and nonprofit groups, to include Tennessee's new chapter of Parents of Murdered Children, will be making presentations. Filmmaker John Borowski will treat guests to a special showing of his documentary on serial killer Carl Panzram.

"Mara Leveritt was sought specifically because she is not just an author, but an excellent researcher and someone who cares about quality in her work," says a True Crime Workshop organizer. "We are proud to have her present and promise it will be an educational and interesting weekend."

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