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Award-winning author Laurie Van Dermark approached for film deal (Photos)

On Feb. 4, 2014, award-winning author Laurie Van Dermark honored this Literary Examiner with an interview about her background and her novel's new film opportunity!

Laurie Van Dermark on book cover
Laurie Van Dermark on book cover
Laurie Van Dermark on book cover, Photo: Godwin Photography
"The Battered Heiress Blues"
"The Battered Heiress Blues," Image: Courtesy

"Award-winning producer and screenwriter Chase Chenowith, under his company label Back Fence Productions, has optioned my novel 'The Battered Heiress Blues' for a future feature film!" - Laurie Van Dermark

Van Dermark, who currently resides outside Birmingham, Ala., came to love literature in high school. Her love grew while studying liberal arts in college.

After her education she took a trip to Peru. Van Dermark made additional visits, publically speaking about the poor in that area, and soon to follow became a mother of two adopted Guatemalan children.

More recently, this young woman began writing a novel. Her first book launched in 2012, and it has already proven itself worthy of many awards including a "film deal!'

"The story follows the dynamics within a wealthy Southern family. A gut-wrenching tragedy sets family members on a collision course for reconciliation, but nothing worth having comes easy... " - Van Dermark

This talented author shares how her novel came to become of interest in "Hollywood!"

"Networking is how this project found its legs. Jonathan Hickman, of 'Three Days At Foster' fame, introduced me to award-winning producer and screenwriter Chenowith. The producer read my novel, corresponded with me, met for lunch, and the rest is history!"

Awards Laurie Van Dermark's novel "The Battered Heiress Blues" has won so far:

  • Winner 2012 New York Book Festival
  • Winner 2013 Los Angeles Book Festival
  • Runner-up 2013 Paris Book Festival
  • Table of Honor Member

Entertainment attorney and filmmaker Jonathan Hickman represents Laurie Van Dermark. This amazing author continues to write. She is currently writing her second novel "Weak by the Lake."

Fans can learn more about Van Dermark on Facebook, at LaurieVan, at her Blog and at Global Health. They can contact her at and at Contact Me.

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