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Award winners express gratitude for special event

Continuing from part one, award-winning filmmakers and musicians Robyn Rosenkrantz (Producer, Songwriter) and Michael Glover (Director, Screenwriter, Songwriter) discuss gratitude for the beautiful experience anticipated with the special, significant sneak peak event for their Go with Le Flo film.

Go with Le Flo
Photo by Rick Mendoza. Courtesy of Robyn Rosenkrantz
Go with Le Flo
Film poster. Courtesy of Robyn Rosenkrantz

W.E. What are you most enthusiastic about in regards to the exciting February 24 event?

R.R. We've always loved performing live as Bright Blue Gorilla. Most Filmmakers don't get to see their movies with many different audiences. But because we tour with our movies, doing concerts and screenings at art house cinemas, we get the chance to watch with hundreds of audiences around the world. It's thrilling and scary when the lights go out and the movie starts rolling. Are they going to laugh? Are they going to walk out? You never know! The element of surprise and also having a beautiful group experience together, makes for a super inspiring night!

M.G. The Goethe event came to us via the German Consulate and we are thrilled to have them both behind the film, supporting the film. We've always made our movies sort of as "art for art's sake" - just to make something we (all the artists involved) felt was worthwhile. But it's rewarding when more established people and entities, like Goethe-Institut, get behind it. The reaction to our do-it-yourself feature films has always been good but with Go with Le Flo we're receiving a whole new level of support. Much appreciated too!

The film premieres on April 11 in Los Angeles. The interview continues with part three and a discussion of influences.

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