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Awakening the Sleeping Giant

Who is the sleeping giant? Americans! Middle class Americans. They have been asleep for far too long. Why are they asleep? They were just being Americans. They trusted that the people they elected to public office would follow the Constitution and make sound judgements for us and our children. This has not been so for decades and they've finally awakened. Thanks to the help of talk radio, the internet and publication of conservative magazines.

They are reading and studting the Constitution and the 10 Amendments. They are reading books like the 5000 Year Leap which teaches the 28 principles the founders followed when founding this country and creating the Constitution. They are affirming what they've been taught when we were in school. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

A group of political science professors from the University of Houston did a study to determine the source of the founders by collecting their writings. The researchers collected 15,000 writings from the founding era and after examining the writings, they discovered that 34 percent of the founders quotes came directly from the Bible and another 60 percent were taken from William Blackstone, Baron Montesquieu and John Locke, who used the Bible to arrive at their own conclusions.

Yes the document is over 200 years old, but what hasn't changed is human nature. Politicians still crave power and the Constitution is the chain that is supposed to hold them back.

The news media is a partner for this power, They under report or just don't report news when it is from conservative sources. The march on Washington on 9/12 brought out hundreds of thousands of Americans fed up with big government. Did the media report on the march. Sure, on the back pages of the papers and then they said that there were only 75,000 people at the most. Members of my group were there with cameras and if you watch all the videos, you will see 75,000 is a vastly LOW number. It was hundreds of thousands! Even park rangers said this was the largest crowd they've seen in Washington. It was also one of the best behaved (No arrests).

The President seemed to ignore the crowds and in Sunday's paper he even was quoted as saying dissatisfied workers have to understand that globalization is inevitable. Globalization? That quickly brings to mind a "one world government". Sorry, but bigger is not better. Local control and freedom are what allows people to be creative and productive. As a comic phrase is often used "we don't need no stinkin dictators!"

Middle class America is waking up and I hope it's not too late. They don't want elitists controlling every detail of their lives. They are not stupid. All they want is the freedom our soldiers fought and died for.

The alarm clock is ringing. Are you up yet?


  • nmaxxs 5 years ago

    "This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles."

    Ha! I knew you were a tea-ba&&er. So, after 8 years of the worst presidency in our nations history, you folks decided to "wake up". It couldn't be that the new president isn't a pasty white, old geezer that you can only relate to?

    Dude, the real people of the middle class were already awake. That's why the radical right no longer has any power in DC. Take your tea-bagging, Fox News/Glenn Beck religious nuttiness talking points and put them where your head has been all this time.

  • Anti Tyranny 5 years ago

    nmaxxs - Sorry, but it's only been 8 months of the worst presidency in our nations history. It only seems like 8 years. obuma is even worse than carter.

    And yes, Bush was no great shakes either. All of Washington, DC needs to go. So, Flip this House in 2010!