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Awakening: The Mind

Awakening - Facundo Raganato
Awakening - Facundo Raganato

“The Energy of the Mind is the Essence of Life” – Aristotle

So, let’s continue, because there’s a lot I feel like covering and not even all the time in the world might be enough to cover it. So, let’s begin: you are probably sitting in a chair, or maybe you are standing while reading this, it does not really matter. Be aware that, as the letters run through your mind’s perception, and understand the idea behind this language that we call “English,” they rationally process the idea (the essence) behind the words in the musicality in which I am writing. That, my friends, is the Mind. It is different from the brain, of course, the brain is just the muscle which makes all the electrical connections which help to do things rationally.

Socrates, Aristotle and Plato had different ideas about the Mind, and today, that we actually have a branch called “Psychology” which studies things throughout and meticulously to understand things; however, we have different ideas about what the Mind is.

What do you think it is?

Let me be a bit graphical to explain how I see the Mind: Imagine your body is a lamp; it has a light bulb at its top and, of course, it’s on; it radiates light. Your brain is all the physical features that make possible for that light to shine, but it does not shine only because of the light bulb, the whole structure of the lamp is necessary too, and your body as well. The Mind is an abstract bubble of energy we hold around our heads (perhaps from the center of our Third Eye) which perceives everything consciously and subconsciously, and we have the “God power” to canalize that energy into manifestation, perception, past, present and future, even dreams (etcetera).

When we are born, we hold in our physical features of the body the genes of our forefathers, and probably many other things in our subconscious we do not know. I’m sure that even before we are born we already perceive things we do not recall, or we can’t even measure; if studies say that playing Classical music to the belly of a mother-to-be makes the baby smarter, then, there’s some truth in that. (I recommend Mozart for many reasons, which I’ll cover in another article.)

So, a new-born baby enters this Modern World and cries its soul out, and he/she starts absolving all the energies that surround him, even if his mind does not “rationalizes” it or “understands” it; it absorbs like a sponge. So, if you really care about this world and would like to change it for a better place, if you would like to see Heaven manifest itself on Earth like the Eden we once had and lost, then, it is crucial for you to give the best of the best to that baby, and I really underline the “Best of the Best;” it is important for that new-born miraculous absorbing sponge to receive all the Love you can give him/her, and even some more. There are many forks of theories which start getting tangled up in complex matters of opinions as a child grows and the father or mother decides how to raise him/her; for instance, “If I give him all he/she wants, he/she might turn up to be spoiled.” Well, I’m not going to tell you how or what you must or mustn’t do, that is up to you to decide; however, all I can say is that the most essential aspect a human needs, specially a child, is Love. And I don’t mean Love in its ‘stereotyped’ “I love you” kind of understanding, although that is important as well, I mean Love in its more basic definition “I care for you.” (Something I will cover in another article as well.) *it gets more complex as we get deeper*

Anyway, let’s continue: The Mind is this amazing, expansive, unlimited, God-powerful, infinite, multidimensional, and “_______” force/energy/essence that “lives” within “ourselves,” [“_____” this adjective includes many unnameable things that go beyond the words I can express, so use your imagination.] As we grow older, The Mind naturally starts building these “rational connections” which make us think the way we do, which eventually makes us mold up our personality. If you would like to go a bit deeper, there are many theories that some characteristics of our personality are “written in the stars,” meaning: Astrology. Hermes, and many other mystics (probably) “invented” modern psychology by studying the planets, the stars and how masses of energies influence us and the world itself. This goes way deeper, consciously and subconsciously, so I’ll save it for another time. But keep in mind that nothing is “written in stone,” everything is relative. However, for those who really understand Astrology, can really tell there’s Truth in this ‘subjective-objective’ mystical “science,” and for those who really study it, can tell that “This is just the Beginning.”

Anyway, so, are you still sitting in a chair? Or standing up? Do me a favor and look around you. Let’s say there’s a pen beside you. Pick it up, look at it; that is a “Pen,” or should I say: “Pen” is a word that symbolizes how we see that object. That object we call it “Pen” and we use it to write. So, just by what I just said, you perceive the “Pen” as a “Pen,” which causes to fork ways of thoughts throughout the mind depending on what you want to focus on. Is it black ink or blue ink? Does it have a cap? Now if I say “Cap,” does that mean that the cap is part of the Pen? What if you take out the plastic tube and separate it from the straw of ink that it holds inside? Which one is a pen now? Is it the straw of ink? Why do you call it Pen?

You see, questions start this ‘deconstruction’ of things in our mind which enable us to perceive things in a “different” perspective, which awakes the mind to see things beyond of what you see. Carl Jung said that the best way for us to understand each other is through symbols, which, in this case is language; and it sounds very "truthful" because it naturally joins Minds to perceive things in the symbols that we understand it to be; therefore, we grateful understand each other when I say "Pen". Now, the level of questions you can ask yourself about what you see is how deep you go into the perspective of your reality. You can see a “Pen” and not do any question about it, hence, (in your reality) it will remain a “Pen” and all the questions that can open your mind to see beyond are taking for granted; “I don’t care, it’s just a Pen.”

Ignorance is Darkness, Knowledge is Light.

Ok, try that way of questioning your thinking with Everything Else, soon, things will start to look different as new perspectives open up, and the Mind expands. For example, answer me this: “Who are you?” If someone asks you that question, how would you answer? Would you say “I’m an architect”? Then, the answer is mainly based on what you dedicate to in a professional level in the society you live today. Would you say “I’m … Facundo”? Well, that answers the question, but it is also another label, it is a name; I’m not the only Facundo in the whole world, I mean, I am, but my label is not, even if I use my last name “Facundo Raganato.” Great, but it does not answer the question.

Well, what kind of question are you looking for?
Well, what kind of answer are you looking for?

So what if the question involves: “What do you believe in? What is your purpose in life? What is your purpose in society? Do you think you have a purpose? Why? Why not? Where are you going? Where do you come from? Are you where you want to be? Why? Why not? Where do you want to be? Why? What do you think about right and wrong? What do you feel about right and wrong? What would you not change? What would you change? Have you ever asked yourself those questions? Have you answered them?

Complex uh? . . . Maybe not. You see questions and answers are like the branches of a tree, they expand more possibilities for new branches, and as they grow, as the flowers of the branches blossom, somehow the source of the tree is found; within You.

“Know Yourself and you shall know all the Secrets of the Universe and the Gods.” -Socrates

Wait. You went off. What happened to the Mind? Well, the Mind expands, ladies and gentlemen, and with that, many other wonderful things start to happen (which I’ll cover in another article too). However, the time and space your mind perceives on the “subject” of your “frame of mind” is the essence of how you are living your life at this moment:

“The Energy of the Mind is the Essence of Life” – Aristotle

So what are you thinking about? What do you feel? What do you feel regarding to what? What for? Why? What about your past? What about your future? What about your present? Where are you right now? Why? With whom? Why? Where are you going? What are you doing? What are you doing after you finish reading this? Why?

So, keep in mind, that if someone comes and tells you: “This is a Pen” Be aware of how your thoughts and feelings perceive it, because normally, your mind would react or respond regarding to how you know what is presented or what you know about what is presented, also, taking in consideration who is presenting it to you and many many other factors that affect your Mind, consciously and subconsciously, but mostly "energetically".

To have an open mind is to not know what you know, so your mind is open to perceive, connect, balance human energy;
to be who you are not, but then be who you are, because the soul and source of that Tree that you are, just is, even if you think or feel as you are, or not.
(I’ll get into that later as well.)

“Yeah, that’s a pen, so?”
“I know that’s a pen.”
“Really . . .”
“That’s a pen?”
“Why do you say ‘This is a pen?”
“You think I don’t know that’s a pen?”
“Why would you say that?”

But well, in a very simple situation, many complex factors must be taken into consideration to understand exactly what is happening; you will perceive things in a way which depends on where you are coming from, how you are coming from, where you are, where you are doing, what state you are in; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, AND all that coming from the other person as well (in this simple ‘This is a Pen’ situation.)

So, what have you learned? Not much, this is stuff you already knew, or maybe you didn’t, but I’m not providing concrete facts about the mind because, as I said before, everything is relative.

But BELIEVE ME: To Master the Mind is to master your reality, your future, your past, even your dreams.
So get busy and get know yourself; how your mind takes, gives, how it reacts, why it does the things that it does, what it is creating, consciously and subconsciously. Why?

We live in an age where information and communication is flowing freely, every day, through our friends and family, through our lovers, wives, husbands, daughters and sons. But what are we communicating about? For what? Where are we going?

Where do you want to go?
Where do you want Us to go?

Let's end this endless babbling with something interesting: When you dream, you don't notice you are dreaming, unless, of course, that you experience what we call "Lucid Dreaming." However, when you are in a dream you act exactly how you would react normally because your mind perceives the reality presented and believes to be the reality that it is, and then, after you wake up, you notice it was a dream. After that, maybe you had these thoughts, maybe not, but, if you would have known it was a dream, if you had woken up inside the dream, then, it is clear that you would have done whatever you wanted to, instead doing what you normally do, because it was Your dream, because it is Your reality.

So what if you are dreaming right now? You are living the reality that is placed before you, and you believe it because you haven't "woken up" yet . . . The Mind has this balance of the external and the internal (which I'll cover later as well). If you believe the reality that is projected before you, you are letting the external reality affect your internal one, and if you believe the internal above the external, then you are letting your reality affect the reality placed before you. Neither to the extreme is sane; the harmony lies in the balance between both, which You create: you draw the line. However, as I said before, it goes deeper, because every one of us has a Mind and power, we intertwine more than you imagine, consciously and subconsciously, through time and space, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

So. Are you gonna keep on dreaming the reality placed before you? Or are you gonna let your Mind 'Wake Up'?

Who are you?

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