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Awakening: The Beginning

Awakening - Facundo Raganato
Awakening - Facundo Raganato

Brace yourselves to the world that we are living today. You must be proud. For it seems, or at least it seems to me, that we are heading towards the Golden Age of our Human History; or so I would like to say, having in consideration the facts of what we see and know, of course.

Sure, we have our faults and our own weaknesses as individual and as a mass as well, but let’s focus on the positive aspects to remind us where we are. ‘Technology’ is an important tool in our “system” today, it has made things easier in many many many many ways; it has helped us develop machineries to cure, investigate, research, learn, communicate, produce, etc and etc. It has provided us more time, space and energy for us to see through it. Yes, it is amazing the things we have accomplished in the last two decades, regarding technology, and it is still advancing greatly, who knows what great things we could do further from here to facilitate our lives as we keep learning, studying and creating with this “modern tool?” We have reached a point where we are not surprised that much anymore in what we see, especially in movies, talking animals? Humans with superpowers? Robots? Done. Be careful, because we are so used to create an illusion upon the reality that we might blindly believe the illusion OVER the reality. Now you see a picture, is it real? Is it photoshoped? Now you see a video, is it real? Is it a green screen? Now you hear a voice, is it real? Is it a machine? Technology is good, as long as we don’t fool ourselves with it.

This 2012 World “shift” has given us hope in a way unlike mankind has never been blessed. It has driven more people into the “Spiritual” aspect of our lives, it has united more people globally, it has placed phrases like “Universal Consciousness,” “Oneness,” “Beingness” into our own perspective; it has brought cultures together with the idea that yes, we are different, and that’s good, because we want to learn from each other, as well as learning from ourselves. At least, as individuals, we understand these ideas and can practice the virtues that come with it; tolerance, comprehension, compassion, brotherhood, reflection, unity, etc. As far as we know, there has never been a time in the Human History were we have been more “united” as we are now, having the fact that we literally ‘connected’ in this Information Age, and yes, we can be MORE united if we choose to be, but it is progressing slowly. However, this “Spiritual” movement has made us be more into own individual as well, even with this “Togetherness” that we understand; even in this blissful, beautiful and very graceful idea that “We are all Connected,” we still need time to our own, to process our thoughts, to understand ourselves, to explore and swim deep into our conscious and subconscious, into our feelings and our souls. So what is it? What am I supposed to do? Why am I here? Who am I? What is the point? What is the meaning?

Art is a broad essence that opens many branches of many trees. In its most “cultural” definition is ‘stereotyped’ as ‘within the Humanities; Paintings, Poetry & Literature, Sculpture, Music Performance & Composition, Dance & Theater, Architecture & Design, Film, and many other subcategories. But it is S O M U C H M O R E, my friends… Now, pour some Technology in this Art soup and we get multiple movements that make our perspective broader into understanding this overrated, undervalued, underestimated, misunderstood and misplaced the very value of Art today my friends: We get Altermodernism, Digital Art, Computer Graphics, Hyperrealism, Metamodernism, Neo-minimalism, New Media Art, Post-postmodernism, Remodernism, Virtual Art, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera; all different movements, exploring, creating, mixing up and deepening into each other as if we are all tangling up with each other like no tomorrow, Why not right? You only live once. Sure, no problem with that, do as you like or “Follow your Bliss” as Joseph Campbell would say. As if, we have finally learned that it is not about getting “there” but living through it, because no one really knows where we are heading, but we know we are going, and that’s what matters, right?

Now, let’s get into politics for a little bit. Ops- taboo . . . Yeah right. We comprehend most of the people understand how ‘Capitalism,’ ‘Socialism,’ and ‘Communism’ work, or should I say, how they don’t work. Anyway, let’s not criticize, because that’s not good, or so I think; if you are going to point the finger and judge at least try to have solution under your sleeve, otherwise, don’t point, because it is the first thing others can do, easily, and it is not constructive criticism. You see, it seems politics nowadays is like a very old circus show, the audience sees the show and gets bored; they know that they have seen this before, but they have to watch it anyway, because is the only show playing right now, unless you know a different show? And the performers in the show are doing their best to keep the show alive, to give the audience what they want, even if that is the oldest trick in the book, but hey, at least they are trying right? Well, I feel sorry for them, because I know they are trying, you got to give them some credit at least; they know their show sucks, and the audience is expecting more, so they promise more and try to dazzle so they can come up with practical solutions, even if the audience is getting tired, even if they don’t have practical solutions…yet... Well, let’s look at the positive side: there are some people in the audience that are standing up, not with a “Hey let’s throw tomatoes at them” kinda attitude, but with a “Hey I have an idea, what if we do this?” And there are some people that are performers in the actual show and are actually ‘standing up’ as well, or…well… they were standing because they were performing… let’s say they are ‘Awakening’ and doing something similar: “Hey, I have an idea, what if we do this?” But you see, the performers are cautious, keeping everything pretty so the audience doesn’t get too tired and try to revolutionize the show; putting in danger the whole circus, and the audience is cautious as well, because, even if they are ‘Awakening’ to help out the circus, the performers might not like it and could decide to kick out those “interrupting” the show. It is a give-and-take relationship what we have my friends, how much of an audience or a performers are you? And how much are you able to give to each other for the circus? Because we know how easily it is to take, right my friends? …But to give? Mhmmm…

Well, I applaud to those, because that is how a ‘beginning’ looks like; Hope, or “A Way” per se. Sure, nothing ‘concrete’ and massively revolutionary for now, but hey, we are trying, and it’s true, we are all together in this…this is our circus for God’s sake.

So… Imagine… How do you see the world in 5 years? Try 10…or you know what, how do you see the world in 30 years? Have you ever stopped to wonder? I mean really, because it is beautiful to live day by day as if this day were the last, meditate and find enlightenment in our own happiness, go do crazy things and explore new things in many branches, but at the end?

Well, here I shall present some practical blueprints for solutions:

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