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Awakening: Spiritual Development and Harmonization of Energies

History repeats itself.

They say human civilization has ended and bloomed again four or fives times already.
In the bible, the references stand as myths.

Who are we?

I’m filled with euphoria to see how civilization has globally experienced this “Awakening” after this shift of awareness in 2012. The prophecy that something big was going to happen “globally” has brought us together. People seem to be more “spiritual,” meditation is not something out of ordinary anymore; to the contrary, it is something progressive, like going to Yoga. We are finally learning to understand and accept our differences globally, our traditions through culture, intertwining languages, exchanging information throughout the globe endlessly, every minute, every day. Some say we have already entered the “Age of Aquarius,” others proclaim that we will be in that age when “the whole earth is light up,” but we are eventually feelings the waves of "influential decades" prior to that upcoming age. Communication is the key. We have finally reached a point where we can communicate with anyone in the world. Think about it, (as far as we know) there hasn’t been a period of time through the history of our human race where we have had the access to communicate with anyone in the world as easily as we do today. Yes, today.

The modern system is wrong overall, I don’t mean to point fingers and say “Capitalism,” “Communism,” “Socialism,” etcetera and, “etcetera.” No time for politics. I mean that it seems like the majority of people may feel that we are spiritually beyond to what it is presented in society today, and we are still waiting, we might not know exactly what we want, but we know what we don’t want, and for now, that is good. I think we are finally detaching from this “Modernism” and transcending to actual natural human beings, with earthly flaws but spiritual qualities that make us who we are, concentrating more on how we manifest our energies through controlling the thoughts of our mind, being attentive of our intuitions and feelings, being more ‘in tune,’ caring more about nature, in synchronicity with those around us, and even though that is what humans have been normally doing for centuries, we are now aware of that Globally; we are “Awake.” We are looking back to our past and readjusting to the roots of our lost knowledge, similarly to how we adapted the Neoclassicism during the Age of Enlightenment.

“The world shall never identify who You are, but learning who You are shall be the reflection to identify the world.” –That is something I wrote a long time ago, thought it might be useful. . . we work because it’s our responsibility to the “big clock modern world” that our forefathers have constructed upon our natural world; they are the veins of the systematic world that keeps our globe spinning, and even though many of us are so eager for our society to change, we are willing to resist and be patient to do that change progressively, naturally, in tune with our present, because unfortunately the hearts of many is deeply connected to the beat of our technological world. Many may ask “Change to what?” “Where are we going?” while those who know where we shall be going will answer: “You know where we are going, search deep within yourself.” Which it might sound very general, but it’s true . . .

Even if history manages to keep track of our progress in chronological matter through facts, it is also in art and literature that keep a track of how we, humans, get to “be” in the age that we are living in, and we get to grasp a feeling of how people were, felt and thought by the artists, writers, and thinkers who really cared about society overall and expressed it in a way we can relate. In a very general, and I mean in a very “general” way, our history seem to mark our ages like a pendulum that slowly swings back and forth from the feelings of our hearts to the thoughts of our heads: The Renaissance around the 1500’s: intellectual classic forms of art, The Baroque Age around the 1600’s: complex emotional depth and religious involvement, The Age of Enlightenment around the 1700’s: emphasizing on reason, progress in the scientific method, including the “Scientific Revolution,” The Romantic Age around the 1800’s: focusing on the humanities in a liberal, feeling manner; living and communicating in subjectivity rather than in objectivity, the Modern Age around the 1900’s; whose artistic credo “Make it new” (as Ezra Pound quoted) emphasized the individualism to create many independent movements and made us Think independently. . . However, it was with the progress of our “Industrial Revolution” that took over our natural world and made this machine world that we get to be very systematic about, and even though we have learned that we have been destroying our natural earth by our earthly ambitions, at least we got to realize that we all together in this, that the little things we do really matter, because we do a have responsibility to our society, and we do need each other, no matter what.

And now, in the 2000’s, we might identify it as post-modernism or post-post-modernism because we clearly cannot identify who we are, until we experience the epiphany of who we are not anymore. However, we seem to be progressing spiritually. The revolution many would like to cause in society for that change is more of a “Spiritual” revolution, meaning that it is crucial to think that in order to change the world for better, we better start changing ourselves first. Alchemy: change our earthly metal flaws into pure spiritual gold; cleanse our vices and transform them into virtues. Yet, be clear that our individual “spiritual” journey might also close us down to always be self-centered, egoistical; to be “spiritual” does not mean doing meditations, cleansing, going to Yoga, and collect crystals and incenses, that might help, but the spiritual aspect of us, as humans, (fire) is the interaction, connection and exchange of energies to develop “Generosity,” “Compassion,” “Comprehension,” “Reflection,” “Discipline,” “Confidence,” etcetera; spiritual attributes that some of us carry deep inside and that some of us need developing, spiritual aspects that no branch of education or science has directly went studying or exploring deeply in this modern world. Of course, it is a psychological manner to approach these things too, but it is only through the spiritual experience of exchanging our energies with each other that we can relate and actually implement those influences into ourselves for us to grow. That is why I personally took the journey of learning deeply about the “Humanities” and understand the complexity and deepness of our perception of life experiences, and find a simple way to see it so we can all relate, similarly in the general attributes that we share about being human, like "Archetypes" for example, but differently too because each of us is unique, and each of us has our own path.

Yes, history repeats itself because we are constantly being influenced by those who have power over others, and with their undeveloped "philosophical stone" they lead society to make the same mistake over and over again; it happens through many cultures and many time periods throughout history. Unless . . . unless we get to deeply study and share our spiritual attributes as humans, and purity our core, polish our philosophical stone through the alchemy of being ourselves truly, drop the mask and be transparent, and, consequentially, eventually, the thoughts and feelings coming from the mind of our deep soul would be in tune purely to everyone around us. I may be a dreamer, but I'm a dreamer who knows realistically how to prove that this "Awakening" is what we needed; this gathering of human beings exploring and studying our spiritual attributes is essential. You are welcome to join me anytime.

Be selfless.

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