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Awakening - a near-death experience, a morgue and realization of God's blessings

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Part 1 of 3 articles - Awakening - a near-death experience, a morgue and realization of God's blessings

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This three-part article series is focused on a man who underwent an infected tooth pulling to an infected jaw, surger, a near-death experience and waking up in the morgue with a toe tag. To protect the privacy of this patient and near-death experiencer, we will this near-death experiences survivor, “Paul” throughout this article.

Paul’s near-death experience, resurrection and hospital hall travel is one for the record books. In fact, I am sure the Pittsburgh doctors and hospital staff still talk about it today.

You would expect something like this to occur in remote areas. These stories of being dead and rising from the dead happen quite often in third world countries. But, for this to happen in a major city such as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania would be rare. Unfortunately, or fortunately, for Paul, this became a reality.

Paul was only 30 years old, in good health and unemployed. He had attended an Ivy League University, Princeton, for three years, but a sudden breakdown from the stress, stopped Paul in his tracks. From that devastating and crippling breakdown, Paul had been unemployed a long time and receiving benefits to survive. He did eventually graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Honors in the Humanities- a Major in English Literature and Minor in Philosophy.

He and his siblings were raised Roman Catholic. As time went on, Paul and his brothers and sisters moved from the Church to other Protestant religions. Paul has since changed his religion to the United Church of Christ. The point being, in either spiritual teaching, Paul had a good sense of Heaven and Hell. Perhaps, Paul’s education in the Humanities and Philosophy, as well as his strong faith, can explain his reaction to an otherwise horrifying near-death experience and resurrection. Waking up in a morgue with a toe tag, Paul might have felt as a modern day Lazarus.

Paul’s Story:

”In 1980-1981 (or thereabouts), half my life ago, I went to the University of Pittsburgh's Dental Clinic to have a wisdom tooth removed...I remember the guy, a student, was using unsterile equipment and tools, his front was soaked in blood as a matter of fact, it was like something out of an old barbershop blood-letting venue, he removed the tooth. Three days later, I had a staph infection in my jaw, and the pain was excruciating. However, I had signed a 'release' to receive treatment and had no recourse to sue.

"Instead, I went back to the clinic and signed another 'release' to agree that, since it was their fault, I could have a free operation to remove the infected UPMC Presbyterian Hospital. I was too poor to object to a potentially life-saving operation. Oh, by the way, it was the first time the mastoid process was to be removed through the neck and I had to sign a release so that they could videotape the operation!

“After having been put under anesthesia, I remember viewing the whole operation from a vantage point of a good 15 feet above my body. There was a comforting, dark, warm presence beside me, to my left. I felt that this being surrounded me with such love and protection. I didn't feel that I needed to look over at this entity because I was fascinated in seeing my body from above and the hustle and bustle of the operating room staff. I remembered a physician saying, 'Put him back under, he is coming out of it!!' Immediately, my surroundings changed to dark and heavy nothingness.

Continued in Part 2 - Awakening - a near-death experience, a morgue and realization of God's blessings


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