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Awakening - a near-death experience, a morgue and realization of God - Part 2

Awakening - a near-death experience, a morgue and realization of God's blessings - Part 2...

Waking up with a toe tag - Paul's astounding awakening -slide0
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Paul's awakening was to a toe tag and a place in the morgue

Paul was so confused. How could he undergoing surgery and from such a great vantage point far above his body. He was not frightened because the "spirit beside him was so comforting. Completely enthralled by the surgery, rushing around and seeing "His" body, it was a shock to be dropped into darkness and a depressing weight like a lead suit. As he opened his eyes, looking down he noticed something very strange.

Paul continues, “I woke up in the morgue with a toe tag painfully cinched around my right big toe. I was totally nude beneath a sheet."The first thing I did was to get the thing off my toe and toss it aside. There were four other bodies in the room with me, beneath sheets and on gurneys too. My jaw was wired shut and, being nude, and at 6'6" and a good 280 pounds of undead flesh, I broke the doors off their hinges and strode out nude into the lower portion of the hospital!

“I felt like really angry at someone for this effrontery." He describes the staff’s scramble after the shock of seeing this man, who had been pronounced dead during surgery, storming down the hall. One has to wonder if the doctors and nurses had an out-of-body experience as well. First hearing the morgue doors being ripped off the hinges from inside, then seeing a "dead" angry man emerge and walk out wearing nothing but a toe tag? Yes, that would be a heart-stopping, very spiritual experience for the hospital staff, if not an underwear-changing event.

They quickly ushered him to a bed in a room of his own. Of course, if you were a hospital in that situation, you would definitely and hurriedly give that man the best of accommodations, certainly more comfortable than a morgue gurney.. They becme very attentive and very helpful to me. I recuperated to the point where I could leave this nightmare and get better on my own. Is it a wonder why I hate hospitals?” said Paul.

His near-death experience was more of a surprise than anything. Recalling his feelings of the event, Paul says, “I just took it as 'normal' and had no fear while experiencing it, and afterwards, just wanted to go back to my life such as it was." But, after the initial shock of the morgue, Paul realized just what had just happened to him. He had died, left his body, experienced a spirit guide and the most incredible love, warmth and all encompassing protection. And, now, there was something even more coming to him as he continued to try to make sense out of this life-changing happening.

Paul began to find empathy and love for all things and gifted talents that he didn't have prior to this near-death experience. He is so grateful for what gifts he brought back, “I believe my NDE has made me a better person. I write a lot of poetry now and am an artist. I do have a strong faith in God. I am still happy to be alive and I attribute my being alive to a Guardian Spirit, perhaps an Angel, protecting me and also making me realize that we are only spirits living in a temporary world. I believe that life here on the mortal plane is a test for the afterlife and our actions determine our estate and deposition later when we pass on. I believe in life eternal.”

Continued in the final - Part 3 of Awakening - a near-death experience, a morgue and realization of God's blessings...

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