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Awaken Your Senses People, Our Time is NOW

Last Sunday, April 13 at The Majestic in downtown Dallas and it awakened the senses of attendees by offering real to life scenarios that the African American community face, not only in Dallas but across the country. The Awakening is a breathtaking journey through the "chained" minds of the culture of Black people. From looks to fashion to the way Blacks treat each other, The Awakening truly awakens the minds of attendees to reach higher while returning to the kings and queens of old.

The Awakening: Fashion Opera-slide0
Darnelle Sanders
Darnelle Sanders
Darnelle Sanders

Attendees were not short on theatrics and enjoyed custom yet fashionable trends that were eye appealing and a desire for any woman or man to add to their closet. The fashion enticed onlookers as the art and storyline tugged at the mind. One couldn't leave The Awakening without first being awakened from the stereotypical viewpoints that we, as a people, have allowed society to shape and mold. This wonderfully crafted visual performance reminded Black people that we are more than our hair, our music, our words, our self-hate and urged us to remember the great lineage we come from where we ruled nations, gave birth to ancient cultures and crafted mind blowing artifacts that still puzzle even the most brilliant minds.

Creator and fashion designer Antonio Wingfield stretched attendees past their limited thinking and challenged them to answer the question, "What is your perception of beauty?" Many believe that it's tied to the imagery of White women and sometimes White men without realizing that Blacks have always captivated the wishes and desires of every other culture on this earth. The Awakening showed the origins from Antonio’s perspective of our perceptions of beauty and how these perceptions have impacted the Black community as a whole

The Awakening stretched through timelines and showed kings and queens in Africa before Whites invaded their land and convinced them that White was better; to pimps and hoes, dancers and performers in modern day Black America who vehemently continue to seek approval form White America. Against the backdrop of the abstract “art” were wonderful installations of clothes that were just as artistic and beautiful as the models and performers.

Unfortunately, sound quality at The Majestic did not compliment the brilliance of the performance and actually took away from the fulling meaning of Antonio's vision. The show ran approximately 3 hours, which included 30 minutes of sound repairing. This is definitely a must go see play with the entire family.