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Awaken Dear Ones

doing the same thing and now worse reults
doing the same thing and now worse reults
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It has taken me the experience of having a child and being responsible for her welfare that has finally helped me grasp an all encompassing picture of how I see life today. The concept of being a "human being" and not just a "human doing" allows me to understand the delicate nature of biodiversity and the connections of all that is in our natural world. If you have found the time to hear, you have grasped the message that we as a species have become consuming machines that are being destructive to earth at an unbelievable speed. ( . We have spent the last few generations blinded by the desires to obtain and control and in the process and have allowed our leaders and our world to bring itself to the brink of a no turning back mess. A few years back I had decided to find those that could help me to become part of the solution and not one with the masses that carry on with blinders. I was in a seeming goosestep without knowing the essence of either our present existence nor a willingness to participate in its positive change. I had the opportunity to locate community efforts in sustainability and became part of these plans to share information with others that could/would bring repair or enhancement to our corner of the globe, imagine if that’s all we were responsible for, our corner, what a concept, we could repair mountains. With my interests fueled by our local sustainable managers, coupled with schooling in Environmental Policy and Management graduate work, I’ve absorbed what a community and world could use to collaborate and inspire others of all ages to carry the torch and leave a legacy of a caring civilization for others to model.

“Facing The Future”, ( is a complete program that matches state standards that can be implemented into the curriculum for school systems in Florida, across the nation, and worldwide, share this information with your school board, I have. I admire the new friends which I am getting to know and appreciate their acceptance in a very hard arena that still does not fully embrace even some of the easy concepts of sustainability. The more folks that get and share the messages of how we can save our air, water, planet and its existence, the easier it will be to make some sort of rebound from an already scarred and beaten mother earth.

I have been honored to continuously meet and hear some of our best sustainable advocates and their knowledge whether at the local level or the various online experiences and ventures I seek and digest. I always find a wonderfully inspiring take away message and am able to share it with those that have found the time and desire to want to be part of the truly enlightened world. (