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Awaiting Baby Neely


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Joy and excitement are in the air for the people of Neshoba.  Reverend Bill Neely and his wife, Shannon, are in the hospital awaiting the birth of their first child!  My latest update comes from Melissa Mann, who tells me that she spoke to Shannon around 2:00 in the afternoon.  Labor is progressing slowly but surely....the baby has not arrived yet as of press time (8pm).  An update will be posted as soon as information is available. 

The couple decided not to find out the sex of their baby, opting to be pleasantly surprised.  Everyone in the congregation lovingly refers to the child as Baby Neely.  It will be wonderful to find out whether there is a little boy or girl with us and what the proud parents chose as a name. 

Today's service-- which was excellent-- was conducted by the teens.  Noticably absent was Reverend Neely.  Once members sat down, they were informed that Shannon's water broke last night and they were currently in the hospital.  A later article will discuss today's teen service.

The Neely's are going to need all the help they can get after they return from the hospital.  If you are interested in providing food so they won't have to worry about cooking, please contact Kaleigh Donnelly, who is organizing a schedule to make sure the family has hot meals. Here is Kaleigh's Examiner page where you can send her a message.


  • Kaleigh 5 years ago

    You can reach me through my Examiner page - I'm the Downtown Memphis Examiner.

  • Sloane Reed 5 years ago

    Kaleigh-- I changed your contact on both mentions of Rachel. I had Facebook up while I posted this and wasn't even thinking to use your Examiner site. I need more sleep. ;)