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Avril Lavigne defends and laughs off the accusations of being racist

The Week reported on April 24 that Avril Lavigne is laughing off the claims of racism in her recent music video. The public has been bashing Avril Lavigne for the past few days because of her approach to Japanese culture in the Hello Kitty music video. The video includes a few stoic backup dancers who are completely identical. While watching her controversial video, it progresses in to a sushi restaurant.

Avril Lavigne defends her love for the Japanese culture and claims she is not racist.
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun

Though the public deemed her video full of racism, Avril Lavigne took to Twitter laughing the accusations off. Avril tweeted that she thought it was funny the public is calling her racist considering she loves Japanese culture and she spends half of her time there in Japan. The singer states that she even flew to Tokyo to shoot her Hello Kitty video.

She followed up that tweet by tweeting that she shot the video in Tokyo specifically for her Japanese fans. She performed the video with the help of her Japanese choreographers, Japanese director and her Japanese label all in Japan.

US Weekly reported on April 24 that the music video to Avril’s new song was released on Wednesday, April 23, and was followed by instantaneous backlash. The 29 year old was shown in the video eating sushi and sake while opening the song in Japanese. There were some moves that she made that were reportedly seen as being racist. Some claimed that those moves were an exploitation of the Japanese culture.

Avril Lavigne tweeted out a link of her video to her fans encouraging them to go watch her video that is making the media buzz. Hello Kitty is her latest single off of her 2013 self-titled album. Unfortunately this project of hers was her least-successful yet and only peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200. This latest album of hers also obtained the lowest album sales she has ever received. Fortunately Avril Lavigne is laughing off all this racist talk and does not seem to be taking any of it to heart.

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