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Avonte Oquendo's remains found: DNA confirms body found is autistic boy's

Reports indicate that the DNA of remains found in Queens recently do match Avonte Oquendo. NBC New York shared the details on Jan. 21.

DNA confirms remains found are those of Avonte Oquendo
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Avonte Oquendo disappeared on Oct. 4 from his Long Island City school. Months after a dedicated and exhaustive search, there were no signs of the missing 14-year-old, who was autistic and mute.

Thursday night, a teen found some human remains and authorities were contacted. Along with the remains were clothing items that matched what Avonte was wearing when he disappeared. However, DNA comparisons were needed to make an official call.

Though DNA results were expected to come in Wednesday, the information became available on Tuesday. The DNA of the remains found in Queens are those of Avonte Oquendo.

The spot where Avonte Oquendo was found is about 9 miles by waterway away from the Long Island City school. There is a fence in the area where the East River passes by the school, and the family said he doesn't like water. At this point, of course, there is no information available regarding how he ended up in the water. Earlier reports that he had been seen running from a dog near the river were discredited by authorities.

While there are no answers yet as to exactly what happened to Avonte Oquendo after he left the school, the search for the young man has ended with the result so many had hoped and prayed would not come about. Heartfelt condolences go out to the Oquendo and Fontaine families as they move forward with the news that Avonte Oquendo has died.

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