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Avoiding a summer make up melt down: A what to buy guide

Trying to take some summer time refuge
Trying to take some summer time refuge
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Its seems like an effort in vain to put make up on this time of year. You look gorgeous, for about five minutes and then you step outside. The heat and humidity let that hard work just melt away. We all suffer from it, which is why it is important to switch some of your make up products over to summer friendly products. It is always important to prep skin for make up with a primer. It helps to keep foundation in place. Primer also helps to fill in fine lines. With extra exposure to the sun, E.L.F.’s SPF 20 Face Primer ($6) also helps to prevent sunburns. Ramy’s Elixir Skin Conditioning Primer ($40) works to combat redness and puffiness that are more common in the summer. Shine is a huge factor that can contribute to your make up looking like it is poorly applied or nonexistent. Susan Posnick CloFlo Mineral Foundation ($68) is a loose powder that has the brush built in. Apply it in the morning and stick it in your purse for easy touch ups during hot, sticky days. The powder helps to absorb oils, while keeping coverage flawless. If make up looks fine, but oil is inevitable use Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish ($22) to help control oil. It can be applied to oil prone areas as the last step of your skin care routine or over foundation. The later is great for easy touch ups.

Once your base is set, the fun part starts. However, it just as easily disappears in the heat too. Waterproof and sweat proof make up options are great during heat and humidity even if you are not sitting pool side. Highlight your eyes with Urban Decay’s All Nighter Eyeliner ($20) and Pacifica’s Natural Eye Pencil ($11). The Urban Decay liner is a rich, smooth black liner that is effortlessly applied to lids. Once that perfect cat eye is applied it is not sneaking off. Pacifica’s is available in four shades. The Bare is wonderful to highlight eyes and use in corners to help them pop. No eye looks complete without at least two coats of mascara. The magical Scandaleyes ($6) from Rimmel which can actually transform fine, almost absent lashes into the kind only seen on certain stars who have no discernable talent, but have great lashes. It is now available in waterproof, so you can look great all the time and stop traffic with those lashes. Your flushness should be purposeful, not because you got heat stroke from walking ten feet. Cargo has you covered with their Swimmables Water Resistant Blush ($26) a punchy blush that will keep your cheeks rosy but not flaming red. Set everything in with Mehron’s Barrier Spray ($11), which is a fixative to seal all that hard work in and prevent it from being a soupy mess. No beauty babe likes that.