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Avoid unpredictable and dangerous street fights

This is good advice to follow.
This is good advice to follow.
Dan Vale

This article will discuss the importance of avoiding violent street fights, which have uncertain rules. For example, person A might enter a street fight planning to fight with fewer restrictions than person B plans to observe.

If road rage leads to a street fight, for example, it is possible or likely that:

  1. The fight will not have a predictable start as is the case in a karate match.
  2. There will be no pause after a combatant scores a significant strike such as in a karate match.
  3. The shoes of the combatants will make their kicks more potent than the bare feet of combatants in karate matches.
  4. There will be no weight classes, as in wrestling matches.
  5. There will be no protected wrists and fists such as in boxing.
  6. There will be no ban on weapons.
  7. There will be alcohol or drugs in the systems of the combatants.
  8. The fight will take place on a hard road or floor, instead of on a softer surface.
  9. More areas of the combatants’ bodies will be attacked than is allowed in sports such as karate or boxing.
  10. Dangerous techniques such as groin kicks, which are banned in sports competition, will be used by the combatants.
  11. There might be multiple combatants fighting against one combatant.
  12. The fight will not end when one combatant prevails, but will continue until the losing combatant is seriously injured, or even killed.

Although road rage is a common reason for street fights, road rage is not the only example of dangerous situations that can lead to street fights. Frank Sharpe Jr. said, “We don’t go to stupid places, with stupid people and do stupid things.”

An example of not following this wise advice might be a situation in which young men, out with their loudmouth buddies, are drinking heavily in a bar that has a history of brawls. Even if some naïve souls plan only to watch the violent “entertainment,” violence can be contagious. Thus, these spectators might find that they will be caught up in the brawl and will become part of the violent “entertainment.” Sometimes, when athletes become skilled in a combat sport such as boxing, wrestling, or karate, they become overconfident, or even arrogant regarding their ability to prevail in a street fight. Having an attitude such as that can lead to hospital admissions or to criminal court appearances.

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