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Avoid this common running mistake to reach your fitness goals

Avoid running mistake to get fit and lean
Avoid running mistake to get fit and lean
Photo by Kent Horner

Are you celebrating National Running Day? June 4th is the day when "longtime runners reaffirm their love of running and beginners can kick off a lifetime and life-changing commitment," according to the National Running Day website. But what if you are a runner who can't seem to reach their goals? It's possible that you are making one of the most common running mistakes.

What's your running goal?

For many new runners, the goal is simply to get lean and fit. Many seasoned runners set goals to improve their race times or to run a marathon. Regardless of the goal, however, both new and veteran runners benefit from maintaining a healthy weight.

Believe it or not, however, that healthy weight may be illusive. In fact, it's common for many new runners to gain weight or for new marathon runners to put on weight during training. Seems counter intuitive doesn't it? But you'd be surprised how common it is.

Get training tips from ultra marathoner Dean Karnazes

I recently talked to one of the fittest runners around. Ultra marathoner Dean Karnazes and I talked about one of the how to avoid this most common running mistake and how to get more out of your training. Check out the full interview so that your summer is full of productive runs and healthy fun.

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