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Avoid these fatal errors when recovering from the flood: Nashville safety tips


Several of these fatal errors may occur during the cleanup from flooding! The flooding experienced over the weekend in Tennessee can produce many recovery outcomes. When it comes to health and safety issues: Work smarter, not harder!

Keep the grill out of the house, basement, or garage. The urge to use the grill for heating, drying, or cooking indoors following a flood is a life threatening blunder. Charcoal produces carbon monoxide (CO), a deadly gas that can cause death without warning, it is odorless and kills quickly. Another deadly source of CO poisoning is dirty kerosene wicks which will also produce deadly fumes. If the wick produces black soot when burning, the danger level is quite high and should not be used.

Driving through standing water can become quickly life threatening. Even small amounts of moving water can sweep a car into deeper water and death. During floods, up to 80% of drownings occur in cars! Water can cause the driver to perceive that the road is flat while hiding a sudden drop-off and a watery trap.

Drinking contaminated water can quickly lead to severe illness, diarrhea, dehydration, and death. Tainted water can carry bacteria and poisonous chemicals that can be deadly and all drinking water should be verified clean. Alternative drinking sources should be used if water sources are not clean.

Flooding can also produce hidden hazards such as sinkholes that can create falls and drowning situations. Large amounts of water can change the surface area of familiar terrain and cause serious accidents. Walking can become a dangerous activity in any flooded area.

Food contamination can also prove deadly. Loss of electricity can cause food spoilage and food poisoning as a result of bacterial growth in food. Also, packaged foods should be trashed if the container is dampened by flood waters in the house, bacteria may be contained in the packaging or food.

Over the next few days, remain safe and healthy!

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