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Avoid the knife: How to get a surgery free facelift

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone looked like they did in their teens instead of their actual adult age? Unfortunately, your skin changes over time and the process of cell renewal slows down. This is when you'll notice those annoying fine lines and discoloration. Also, your jaw line may not look as firm and your complexion may not have the radiance you had when you were younger. Instead of Botox, fillers, or drastic measures, consider the "surgery free facelift". This inexpensive spa treatment combines a chemical peel with kinetic dermabrasion. It boosts collagen and elastin- plumping wrinkles and drains lymphatic fluid- removing toxins that cause 90% of all skin conditions such as dark circles and rosacea. The result is a more youthful appearance.

House of Glow, a day spa in Winston Salem, NC offers a signature service for men and women called the "power peel". The service takes about 30 minutes and costs only $60. Watch the video to see an example of how crystal therapy is used with kinetic (rotary) dermabrasion. It's like giving your skin a gym work-out! To book your appointment for a power peel go to

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