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Avoid outdoor Christmas decoration and lawn ornament theft

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It's that time of the year again when locals wake up to a lawn ornament abduction with no ransom note. The Grinch this holiday season has no problem stealing your outdoor decorations and lawn ornaments. Outsmart him before he outsmarts you!

Two thieves caught on Philadelphia camera may define heartless. One woman walking up, grabbing ornaments and items until another walks up to grab more ornaments and items. Appearing as if both people know each other. Perhaps husband and wife, brother and sister, just two thieves, or two homeless people rummaging the sight. Victims and the authorities still seek answers [visit for more].

One Garner subdivision suffered total Christmas recall as the unseen Grinch took everything but an ornament, some lights, and a greeting sign. Unfortunately, this happened to be the year there was a push for more decorative flare in the subdivision. The new change to avoid another Grinch-like episode was mentioned on Wral. Homeowners voted, and it seems necessary - to bolt down the new Christmas decorations.

Bolt down the Christmas decorations.

This is where impulse stops and the think tank begins. Should you bolt and if so, where? No one likes to poke holes where they do not need to. Home siding matters, fence posts matter, even the dog house matters, but no worries. Here are some ways to secure and anchor decorations and lawn ornaments.


Heavy rock (cinder block) and a flexible wire (thick to medium floral wire will do) plays key in anchoring. Want to secure a group of close lawn decorations? Take the wire and wrap it around a lawn ornament or decoration to the point where it is secure (but not visible if possible). Continue stranding the wire onto another ornament, or decoration, that stands next to the first one. Again, secure the wire. Thread the wire to the next until all the lawn ornaments and decorations are wired together. Then lead the wire back to the brick and wrap the brick with the wire about three times before securing the final wrap to lock the wire together. Secure it by twisting it multiple ways around the other wires. You can also thread more wire to different areas (to and from the block) for more security. Cover the block with fake fluffy white cotton-like snow.

Tip: Don't place trip-wire on your property. Even a thief can file based on intent of injury.

Other ways to protect your outdoor Christmas investments includes taking a long board, installing ring hooks and securing decorations and lawn ornaments via chain or wire.

Tip: Use wire to connect two ends of a chain if there is no chain link to connect two ends.

Wrapping wire around a post can damage the post. Use a cable instead. Plus, what if the Grinch has a wire cutter? Cables make it hard on thieves. Use a cable that you can padlock together to connect the decoration to the post or the anchor.

Secure Christmas lights to outdoor trees.

Outdoor trees dressed in lights attract thieves and they can be pretty enough to steal. Cut floral wire in four inch pieces. Use each piece to twist the Christmas light wire to a non-brittle branch and continue until you feel as if the lights would bring a thief more hassle than it's worth. It's worth the long effort (of preparing/removal) if by any chance you've saved your lights from theft

Don't take thieves light, make things bright!

An outdoor lighting system may keep thieves away since the last thing they want to be is seen. Install an outdoor light system that works on a motion sensor. One that also works on a timer. Department stores sell light sensors and timers, such as Walmart. Simply invest in a couple to reach secure heights.

Leave a light (or two) on indoors when you are not home. Thieves can count cars in driveways and carports if they've been staking out the goods. They just might think someone is actually home, even when the cars are not.

Psychological Christmas warfare.

"Damaged wire", "faulty wires", "electrical issues", "danger", "beware of dog", "beware of protective kids and spouse", "private property" and a "manure advisory" are just some words a person can print out, stick on small pole to insert in the ground or post where thieves can see them (but neighbors can't). A good tactic to use.

Tip: Don't illegally place a fake, or false, sign up of a home security business you do not have business with.

Last resort security.

Never underestimate the car-cam. Spy cameras may seem a bit drastic to some but after figuring out how they can assist the rewards could be staggering. Mini-motion activated spy cameras exist on the market. From night vision to day discovery, the smallest of motion activating video cameras with proper computer connections could lead a person to the ornament abductor. Ebay offers a selection, some as expensive as $80, but much less than most online spy outlets. Outlets which commonly sell reliable top dollar spy equipment for hundreds at a pop.

Tip: Never post on Facebook that you are going out of town for the week after posting outstanding photos of your expensive Christmas decorations.

Final wrap.

As locals get ready for another fun filled holiday season of decorating the outdoors before shopping, boxing and wrapping, the Grinch is looking for the lawns where holiday objects and items can fit in each bag, trunk, or arm. With bolts, flexible wires, bright lights, and signs, the Grinch will be confused for the very first time. And to wake up with the ornaments and decorations you've charged, allows the heart of Carolina banking to grow three times large.


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(Accessed 12/10/2013)



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