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Avoid abusive parenting style: Child cries in the morning before school

Do something loving and fun together before school
Do something loving and fun together before school

Avoid the tendency toward an abusive parenting style in dealing with your children. Sending a child off to school in the mornings can be a big challenge. For those who have small children, say between the ages of 3 and 8, the morning time just before school can be a stressful time. Perhaps the child cries before school every day or exhibits signs of social or separation anxiety.

"I can't get my 5-year-old son out of the house without crying," one parent might say. For a parent who has to go to work or who is running late, this is a cause of frustration which can lead the parent to react in a negative way such as screaming or yelling, or displaying an angry spirit, which can have a devastating effect on the child.

Here are some things that work with both boys and girls to get the child off to a good, positive start in the morning before school.

Keep calm in the morning. You don't want the child to feel your anxiety. Give the child a big hug by holding them for several minutes. Let them know that they will be allowed to do something fun upon returning from school.

Next, give them a bath in the morning before school. This morning bath makes them feel fresh and clean. Afterward, wrap them in a warm towel that you've popped into the dryer for a few minutes. (Kids love this) It also energizes the body and mind and helps giving the child 'wake up' for school. Buy a fun soap such as Sponge Bob soap or something with a very nice aroma.

In the morning before school, be sure to wash the hair. The washing of the head is especially good for boys in the morning. Try washing your son's head in the shower before school and see what a difference this makes.

But most of all, have fun with your child in the morning. Your attitude influences and effects their lives at school. Avoid the tendency toward an abusive parenting style by becoming easily angered and easily frustrated. Perhaps give them a big tickle in the morning to make them laugh. Just about anything to lighten the mood will help. But most of all, don't ruin their day before it gets started. It breaks their little hearts and makes them so anxious at school. A positive morning routine can have a dramatic effect on their school work and their entire school day.

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