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Avoid a Wine-Stained Smile at Your Next Party

Avoid a wine-stained smile at your next party! Have you ever excused yourself at a party to use the rest room? Meanwhile, there is an unintentional discovery.

Avoid wine stains on lips and teeth

While washing your hands you look in the mirror and instantly become mortified. You've just discovered that you have wine stained lips and teeth!

Join the wine club!

After recalling how many people you spoke to after the arrival of the stain you methodically count how many friends didn't tell you about it. The most important thing at this point is to remove the coloring.

A paper towel and a little bit of soap will remove most of the red stains on your lips. As far as the red stains on your teeth and possibly your tongue it gets more complicated.

Join the wine club!

Find out how to prevent these embarrassing stains and social/beauty faux pas. Lindsay Miller and Kirbie Johnson have tips that will save wine drinkers at their next party. Watch the video attached to this article!

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