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Thomas Amshay, Anti-aging Skunkworks
Thomas Amshay, Anti-aging Skunkworks
Pix by Sophea

Two guys at the gym this morning were talking about it being so early. Time was just before 6 a m.

The one guy said his work schedule just changed and he was used to working out at 11 am so it was a little rough getting up so early.

They said a few things worth repeating for anybody worried about staying at their new year intention to get fit.

Over a rather lengthy discussion these guys joked about being in the gym before sunrise, but here is some or what they concluded:

  • It wakes you up, for sure.
  • You feel so much better when you finish
  • After working out you get it stuck in your brain that it just stupid to waste the investment you made in your body by eating like a dope the rest of the day.
  • You maintain steady energy levels by getting your system humming first thing, and then eating cleanly every two hours or thereabouts for the rest of the day.
  • Once you complete your workout your job is a breeze no matter what it throws at you.

Stop the epidemic

I always try to get people to workout first thing in the morning. Especially newcomers for the following reasons:

  • Once the workout is finished you don’t have to struggle with all the things that newcomers let get in the way of their after-work stop at the gym.
  • Going to the gym after work is a buzz-kill. It’s very hard to do unless you just go there for social time or hanging out. Nothing wrong with that if it works for you.
  • If you have a stressful (mentally or physically) job you will go for any excuse that lets you stay out of the gym after work.

Being average is not a compliment

I agree that the average person has great difficulty motivating themselves to do anything.

I worked with a woman that made every excuse imaginable to not be able to get to the gym. She began doing that almost the very first day.

I kept telling her to get up and go to the gym first thing. She always had an excuse for why she could not. She won that point, but you can guess the rest.

Here’s the point

If you clean up your diet and begin losing weight, you can only go so far if you refuse to train. And when progress stops you won’t blame yourself. Many will use it for a reason to stop trying.

If you are over 35 and lose a lot of weight, you will simply become a thinner version of your former soft and flab-flapping self – If you don’t workout.

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