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Aviation May Be Centuries Old

Alaska celebrated its 100th year anniversary of flight in 2013, and the Wright Brothers first flight occurred in 1903, but new evidence of flight as far back as 180 B.C. has surfaced in Latin America.

Several YouTube videos on the topic of how the designs are airworthy, and one even explores the holes in half circle protrusions along the leading edge of the aircraft have been posted discussing ancient forms of flying.

The pre-Columbian culture understood aerodynamics—based on gold items that only now exist in museums.” In 1997 the” Gold Flyer” as it is called had the perfect shape,” said Algund Eenboom, a German PhD. All we had to do was to replicate it.”

The Germans enlarged to scale the “Gold Flyer” into a Radio Controlled aircraft and built a successful flying model.

With the look of a jet fighter with a large triangular tail— the aircraft that may have existed in the pre-Columbian era are also being suggested as the reason for the Nazca lines in the desert of Peru.

While a school teacher proves that the craft, a Mayan gold figure, can indeed fly it also has an incredible rate of lift. Teacher Dave Herbert claims to have had the proof of his flying discoveries removed from YouTube, but does have a video called “Ancient Space Vehicle re-make” still posted on YouTube.

Thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean ancient Egyptians also crafted effigies of flying craft.

While the craft does fly as a radio controlled aircraft, on the local front aircraft homebuilders are completing their aircraft using traditional materials and powerplants. Most are building the Vans RV aircraft powered with Lycoming O-320 or O-360 engines.

Local builders are questioning what kind of engine or turbine these ancient air vehicles might have used.

According to ancient sand script text in the Vymaanika-Shaastra dating back to 6000 B.C., flying machines were called Vimanas, or flying gyroscopes that electrified the metal element of mercury creating a gyroscopic vortex of anti-gravity. One of these ancient flying machines is said to be buried in a cave in Afghanistan.

According to “” 8 soldiers were lost trying to unearth the Vimana that is said to be the property of the Prophet Zoroaster located in the cave in Afghanistan.

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