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Aviation Enthusiasts Celebrate Jerrie Mock's Record Breaking Flight

President Ford awards Geraldine Mock, the first woman to fly solo around the world, an aviation award.

Three-Eight Charlie is a book published in 1970 documenting the story of Geraldine "Jerrie" Mock who was the first woman to make a solo flight around the world in 1964. Accomplishing what Amelia Earhart failed to do, Mrs. Mock flew a single-engine Cessna 180 into history. On May 4, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson presented Mock with the Federal Aviation Administration's Exception Service Decoration. Even though she dubbed herself as "the flying housewife,"Mrs. Mock had thoroughly prepared for the flight and trained for this flight. Mock displayed courage to fulfill her dream as is recorded in Three-Eight Charlie along with the account of Mock's adventures and the discoveries of the various cultures and geography of the world at the time of her flight.

Being out of print for a time, Three-Eight Charlie is now offered in a colorful edition by Phoenix Graphix Publishing Services in celebration of 50th anniversary of Mock’s flight. Maps, weather charts, and photos are included in this edition.

On Facebook, Fly38Charlie is the page set up for those interested in tracking the events of years gone by. This page adds information to enhance the understanding of Mock's flight and links several YouTube videos mapping the journey.

With March 19-April 17, 2014, being the 50th anniversary of Jerrie Mock's solo flight, homeschoolers can take advantage of this event by planning a unit study about aviation that could include women pilots, geography, history, solo-flying records, and etc.! Florida state history can be brought into the study since Mrs. Mock currently lives in Quincy, Florida.

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