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Average family size in Minnesota

Do you have to have two kids and a dog to be an "average" family?
Do you have to have two kids and a dog to be an "average" family?
Pavel Losevsky/Photoexpress

It's almost 2010: time for another census.  If past trends continue, family size in the United States may see a slight increase.  Despite that upward tendency, however, the average family in the US in 2000 consisted of 3.14 people (3.09 in Minnesota)*.  Families with children had an average of 1.86 kids (1.93 in Minnesota)**. 

So, a family with twins is above the national average from the start.  Have higher-order multiples, or multiples with other siblings?  Your family is "large" by default.

The Baby Center hosts this interesting article about family size, socioeconomic status of large families, and cultural perceptions of large families.  The moms interviewed for the article all made a conscious choice to have more than two children, however.

So, I'm curious about the perceptions among families with multiples:

1) How many children constitutes a "large" family, in your opinion?  Do you think of your own family as large?

2) Did you always plan on having a large family?  

3) Do other people (especially strangers) comment on the size of your family?  Do you feel that their comments are positive, or negative?

*2000 Census fact sheet

**2000 Census table