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Avatar The Video Game: How it came to play

Avatar The Game
  Avatar Concept Art form the Video Game

Among the many video game software engineering companies out there, director of the mega budget film “Avatar,” James Cameron, chose Ubisoft to integrate the film’s story into an interactive video game that’s meant to keep gamers glued to their controllers. While many gamers, like myself, already suffer from CCCCS (Chronic Console Controller’s Claw Syndrome), by adding 3-D to a video game would pose to infect us with yet another symptom: JDS, (Jaw Dropped Syndrome). Avatar the video gameAs if the bombardment of hype through press releases aren’t enough, everyone with a game console will be camped outside the video game store to get their copy of the new Avatar game released in December 18th.

Avatar Video Game Trailer

Interview with director, James Cameron, below explains his reasons for chosing Ubisoft as the gaming Avatar the game 2software company to move his newest film, "Avatar," into the video gaming interactive era. The difference that most hope for this game is that it will be unlike any other game taken from a movie.

Interview with James Cameron on the Avatar Video Game

While James waited 6 years before the technology became available for him to bring the film to life, Ubisoft presented James with game-concepts that couldn’t be ignored four years ago. View the video below to understand the concepts and challenges that both James and Ubisoft addressed. 

Interview with Ubisoft's Video Game Producer



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  • James G 5 years ago

    Just like you said Antonio, I hope the game turns out to be just as cool as the movie. I haven't seen the film but the trailer looks so rad. Awesome article man.

  • Steven 5 years ago

    I didn't know that they made a game for this movie. But with the actual movie director calling the shots on the game story, you know it bound to be cool. Hey Antonio, How in the world did you find these interviews? They tell everything in these videos. Do you have more? They make me want to buy the game.

  • B Holden 5 years ago

    I like the way Antonio describes us gamers as having a CCCC syndrome, it was quite funny. It's obvious that he's a video game guru like me. I also suffer the CCCC syndrome when playing all day. Just wish there was a cure.

  • Stacie 5 years ago

    There is a cure for CCCC syndrome. It's called "stop playing video games." LOL. But seriously, I don't really mean that, cause although I'm a lady, I also have an affair with my X-Box. And with this new Avatar game coming out, I'm first in line to get one.

  • Holmer G 5 years ago

    The game looks promising. I hope its good.