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Avatar star Sam Worthington to star in Dracula Year Zero?

Sam Worthington starred in Avatar and may appear in Dracula: Year Zero
Sam Worthington starred in Avatar and may appear in Dracula: Year Zero
AP Photo/20th Century Fox, WETA

He's the star of the most successful movie of all time (Avatar, in case you've been under a rock) and yet a lot of people still don't know the name Sam Worthington. But that could all change if the rumors of him being the next Dracula are true.

Latino Review has reported that Worthington is up for the title role in Universal's Dracula: Year Zero. None of this has been confirmed yet, but the film will supposedly be a period retelling of the famous story, complete with a creepy Transylvania setting and inspiration from Vlad the Impaler – who was of course the original inspiration for Dracula. (Sorry Twilight fans, I don't think this one's for you).

Any news about Worthington has to be taken with a grain of salt these days, since he keeps getting linked to just about every major male role currently in development, but hey, it could be true.

The film is currently in development and is set to be directed by Alex Proyas, who helmed I Robot and Knowing. Dracula: Year Zero is rumored to have a budget of 100 million dollars, which is pretty steep, but if Worthington’s star continues to shine as brightly as it has, Universal might think they have a shot at making some decent cash.

The film is currently scheduled for a 2011 release. Up next for Sam Worthington: Clash of the Titans.