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Avatar anyone?


  • White savior? 6 years ago

    The white guy became blue! If anything, this movie was more about religion than race. Much like "God sent his only begotten son" (an outsider) to save the world (humanity) in Christianity, "Eywa", the God of the Na'vi, chose the outsider Jake Sully to save the Na'vi people, the sign being when the seeds of the sacred tree landed on Jake.

    98% of the bad guys in Avatar were white, and 100% of them were corporate.

    If you want to make it about race, then what I saw was a human being falling back in love -- and back IN LINE -- with nature, and then fighting to save it because he realized how important it is.

    That's the message...not a "white savior", and no, I'm not "white."

    I don't need to be to see the point behind what happened. Besides, Jake would have been killed if Neytiri wouldn't have saved him THREE TIMES in this movie: 1) when the dogs attacked him, 2) when he almost fell off the logs that night, and 3) when Quarich was about to cut his throat.

    Blue girl played by

  • White savior? 6 years ago

    Blue girl played by black girl.

  • white savior? 6 years ago

    Four times, if you count the oxygen mask scene.

  • Donna 6 years ago

    Good feedback. There is definately a salvific message. There are folks however that believe strongly this is patronizing, one wrote about how the entire tribe prays for the Sigourney Weavers healing as if that were more important than all the other atrocities they just witnessed. I do not want to throw to the baby with the bathwater. I did like the message on reconnecting to ones spirituality, God, and the perils of imperialism and wanton greed. No matter how powerful you are there is something that is more powerful. One day crooked places would be made straight.

    It is difficult to watch beauty being destroyed for lucre.

  • Joy 6 years ago

    I think Sophia Stewart lost that case against the Matrix films- not sure about Terminator films (the court case is an old story that recently got recycled for some reason). I also heard that Will Smith was offered- and rejected- the role of Neo.

  • Donna 6 years ago


    She refiled. The judge dismissed part of the case because she missed a court date. What does Will Smith being offered the job have to do with the Wachowski Brothers and Warner Brothers stealing intellectual property? This happens all the time. At festivals, when you apply for interviews etc. They just got caught because she had copyrighted all the material. The lawyers were going to settle when in a deposition, they inadvertantly admitted things that showed they had stolen her ideas. The FBI also gave her information that helped her case. For my part, when someone steals another's intellectual property who they try to hire for the film means nothing. They should have paid her, but instead they kicked her to the curb. I recall feeling so disappointed when I discovered the court case. When I saw the film I was like Wow, Hollywood is changing, a movie with a lot of blacks in positive leadership roles. But it was not their idea. Defendants in a civil suit prolong to eat money

  • Chris 6 years ago

    She did refile. If you go to that website you will see the emails and case filings. She had a corrupt lawyer that got paid off and did not file her copyrighted eivdence. He also told her she did not have to appear. Then the case was dismissed because her lawyer did not enter the copyrighted material proving Cameron, Huld, Warner Brothers and Wachowski willfully hid and stole her material. For Cameron to do Avatar is the biggest hypocrisy. Wonder how he stole that from. I hope she previals with her RICO suit. The judge, her lawyer Cameron adn the rest of the crooks involved in covering it need to be in jail The violence done to her was as bad as the violence Cameron shows in Avatar. uugh. The arrogance to steal her ideas, pay lawyers and judges off. Anyone with a brain can look at Hollywoods treatment of blacks in movies. When have you ever seen them do a movie with blacks running everything,and its legit not criminal activity?

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