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Avatar, a modern lucid dream



  • Rusty 6 years ago

    Heh, I myself thought pretty much the same thing about the movie. I quickly saw the similarities between Avatar and lucid dreaming and I also noticed James Cameron's recurring themes... Overall I would say this movie was the "best of the bad movies" to ever come out from Hollywood. There's a strong naiveness in Avatar and I believe it is both its greatest problem and quality. I also noticed that Jake Sully's mood changes from one "body" to another. When he returns to his initial human form he immediately wishes he could go back to the Na'Vi's body and this feeling is transported to the viewer without words - now that is called good filmmaking. Great article!

  • Wendy 6 years ago


    Jake Sully's reluctance to abandon the avatar is just like the feeling we sometimes get after waking up from an amazing dream. As soon as we open our eyes we want to go back. Cameron does a great job of illustrating this experience. Thanks for the comments!

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