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Avalanche Studios might be preparing to announce ‘Just Cause 3’

Just Cause 2
Just Cause 2
Photo courtesy of Avalanche Studios, used with permission

While Avalanche Studios is currently working on the upcoming open-world Mad Max game, the developer is making the movie to a larger studio space that will house better equipment. According to a report by Polygon on Aug. 20, Avalanche revealed that they will have a surprised announcement planned for later this year after the move has completed. Based on the developer’s past, as well as the popularity of the series’ previous installments, Polygon noted that the development team could possibly be preparing to announce Just Cause 3.

The chances that Avalanche will eventually return to the high action world of Just Cause are extremely high. While the first game in the series was successful, the franchise took off when the sequel was launched on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2010. Thanks in part to a well-received demo of the game, Just Cause 2 exceeded expectations and is still played by many today after a fan-made mod was released that turns the open-world experience into a massively multiplayer playground.

In fact, due to the popularity of the multiplayer mod of Just Cause 2, many believe that the next entry is likely to include native multiplayer support since Avalanche Studios is undoubtedly watching the success of the mod. However, at the current time, the developer is remaining tight lipped about what the future of the Just Cause franchise will hold.

While the hope that Avalanche Studios will soon announce Just Cause 3 is purely speculative at this point, the developer is currently busy with the new Mad Max game. Avalanches, take on the post-apocalyptic icon will be an independent story of the famed road warrior. As such, the game is not based on either the old Mel Gibson movies or the upcoming film starring Tom Hardy. Instead, the Mad Max game will feature its own unique vision of both Max and the apocalyptic wastes he calls home.