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Avacyn Restored pre-release weekend events in Boise

Avacyn Restored launches May 4th, 2012.
Avacyn Restored launches May 4th, 2012.
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Boise gamers looking for events, special products and surprises this weekend need look no further than their friendly local game store. Avacyn Restored comes to game shops in Boise today for a special pre-release weekend before its debut on May 4th. The Magic The Gathering prerelease events taking place on April 28th, 2012 include sealed format tournaments on saturday and two-headed giant battles on sunday.

Here's a breakdown of events for gamers this weekend. These events are available at ABU Games, All About Games and Meridian's Phoenix Fire Games :

  • Helvault Sealed - This tournament allows players to earn achievements towards opening the mysterious Helvault items sent to gaming stores in the last two weeks. As players attain certain goals during the standard sealed tournament, seals on the Helvaults will be released. Completing all achievements allows the store owner to open the Helvault and distribute the prizes within to attendees. Stores are forbidden from opening Helvaults early and will likely discover the contents alongside their players. Helvault Sealed events are happening at all three stores on Saturday, April 28th. Doors open at 11am and the tournament begins at 12pm. Open play is also available during this time. The entry fee is $25 per player, and players will receive 6 packs of the latest MTG expansion.
  • Two-Headed Giant Sealed - Sunday sees the return of the two-headed giant format, affectionately dubbed 2HG by Magic players, which allows players to team up in doubles-style play. Two players on a team share life totals, poison counters and resources as they attempt to overcome up to 3 other teams during each match. 2HG sealed events begin at noon on Sunday. Arrive early to ensure plenty of time for registration. The entry fee is $20 per player. Players each receive 4 packs of the newest expansion.

The weather in Boise has been cold and wet the last two days, and here's a great chance to get out of the cold and wind to earn some hot new pre-release prizes.


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