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Autumn superstitions: September

The first day of autumn this year is on September 23, last year it was on a Sunday, Sept. 22. During this time the leaves are slowly changing, the weather gets cooler, and the kids are going back to school. September is the last month of summer till Sept. 23 comes of course then it becomes autumn. If you have noticed there have been many articles written about the season and the superstitions that play against it. Each article looks at a relation to things that relate to the season and its own superstitions.

This article is going to look at the month of September and some superstitions that are about the month.

  • Thunderstorms that happen in September are considered a very good sign for crops.
  • Some legends don't like storms in Sept. like this one, if its a wet month then a drought will be happening a following year.
  • It is unlucky to post a love letter on Sept. 1. That probably goes with texts and Facebook messages too!
  • If you hear a cuckoo calling in Sept. that means that a death will happen.
  • Collecting nuts on Sept. 14 is very dangerous because the devil will also be collecting them too.
  • If you marry in Sept. your marriage will smooth and serene too.
  • If you also marry in Sept. you will have a wealthy marriage.
  • If a man is born in this month he will be honest on all his deals that he makes.
  • A woman born in this month is described as being very modest and virtuous.

So those were a list of superstitions that deal with the month September. Hopefully you found it just as interesting as it was researching the topic.

If you have any superstitions about September that have been in your family or heard it from a friend, please feel free to share those!

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