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Autumn superstitions: Scarecrows

The word harvest and scarecrow just go hand and hand, what also goes with these two words is autumn. The scarecrow is the symbol of autumn.Some use it in their gardens to protect them plants from birds while others in this Modern Age, use it as decoration. It plays more a playful part than some could say it use to. There are stories that people back then would use real skulls and such in order to make scarecrows. Now stores will sell these cute little decorations, but the name itself was met to be terrifying.

So with that being said, let's look at some superstitions that deal with scarecrows.

  • Some farmers believe that scarecrows are simply a symbol of the death and resurrection of their crops.
  • Some don't just use scarecrows to scare away birds, some believe that scarecrows can ward off evil spirits and demons.
  • Kuebiko, a scarecrow found in the oldest surviving book in Japan, "Kojiki" is deity that cannot walk, yet knows everything about the world.
  • Some believe that scarecrows can come to life, and they walk around at night, unknowingly to the gardener. (Heck, there are horror movies about that kind of stuff.)
  • The Ancient Greeks used wooden statues in their gardens that represented Priapus, the son of Aphrodite.
  • Nathaniel Hawthorn's 1852 story, "Feathertop" tells of a witch that brings a scarecrow to life. Just like in some legends about it.

So next time you see this little garden protector think about the folklore that is behind on it. For some it is a cute token of the past to others it's a creepy and the imagination soars on what the scarecrow does after dark.

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