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Autumn superstitions: Pumpkins

Autumn is a time where the leaves change, Halloween and Thanksgiving are the two star holidays, kids are going back to school, and the weather gets cooler. It's a season before the bitter comes. Personally it's a favorite season of mine, and that's why this article is a start where we look at superstitions and things that have to do with autumn. The first piece of autumn that gets this treatment is pumpkins.

Pumpkins are a big part of the season, we carve them during Halloween, make them into pies during Thanksgiving, and pranksters like to smash them. So let's look at some superstitions that deal with pumpkins:

  • Good Friday is considered the best day to plant pumpkins.
  • A superstition in Maine tells that pumpkins are good for the eyes. So it's not carrots!
  • Pumpkins are carved on Halloween to scare off evil spirits and demons that are around during that night.
  • Plant pumpkin seeds in May and the seeds will go away, and you won't get any pumpkins.
  • Plant pumpkin seeds in June and they will come soon.
  • You plant pumpkins when the apple trees are blooming.
  • If a cow eats a pumpkin, she'll not produce any milk.
  • Now if a cow eats pumpkin seeds, she'll still not produce any milk.
  • If you point at a growing pumpkin, the pumpkin will stop growing.
  • Pumpkin seeds are cure tapeworm problems.
  • Pumpkins according to a folklore cure, if you use its pumpkin seeds then make tea out o it, that can help bladder trouble.
  • According to this one, to beautify yourself all you just have to do is eat some pumpkin seeds.

So that's an interesting look at superstitions that are about pumpkins from the cures it can do, to from when the best planting is Stay tune for more articles about autumn related things and superstitions!

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