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Autumn superstitions: October

Now that September was just talked about, the next month has to be October, which it's another important autumn month. A month that gives us the holiday, Halloween and it's a harvest month. So let's look at some superstitions that are about this month:

  • When birds and badgers are fat in October expect a cold winter.
  • If you marry in October you'll be extremely healthy.
  • There will be as many snowy days in the winter as there are foggy mornings in October.
  • If the October Moon comes without frost, then expect no frost till the next moon in November.
  • When berries are plentiful in October, expect a very cold winter.
  • It's bad luck for people to wear October's birthstone, Opal, if they weren't born in that month.
  • Though it's lucky for those people to wear diamonds with Opals, they don't have to be born on October.
  • Now it's lucky to wear the opal if you're born in October.
  • If you were born in October, do not marry anyone who was born in January.
  • Swallows are said to leave on Oct. 23 and they come back in March.
  • Oct. 14 was said to be lucky day for the Kings of England.
  • On the last day of October (which is Halloween) put a ring in the a bowl of mashed potatoes and the one who gets the ring first will marry first of course. It sounds like a very strange thing to do!

So those are some superstitions that deal with October. I hope that everyone is enjoying the articles about autumn and the superstitions that follow the season. So far we've looked at superstitions about apples, pumpkins, scarecrows, Halloween, Thanksgiving, September, and now about October. Be on the look out for November, which will be the next article.

What has been your favorite superstition that has been written about? Share your thoughts!

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