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Autumn superstitions: November

If you've been following these autumn articles, so far we've looked at September, October, apples, pumpkins, scarecrows, Thanksgiving, leaves, and Halloween, now it's time to look at November. November gives us Thanksgiving and by the end of it, some of us already are feeling like its winter. So let's explore superstitions that are about this autumn month.

  • It's good luck if a robin comes indoors while it's the month of November.
  • You'll have a rich marriage and life if you marry in November.
  • A warm November is thought to promise a bad winter.
  • Thunder in November is a sign that crops will do well for next year's harvest.
  • Anyone born in November will be kind and thoughtful of others.
  • If flowers start blooming in November, that means that a bad winter is coming!
  • A girl who is born in November will have a mild disposition.
  • If you wed on a bleak November, only joys will come in your marriage.
  • Some say to leave food out for the deceased on All Souls' Day. (All Souls Day is on November 2nd)

So those are few superstitions that deal with November. Most of them deal with weather and marriage. If you want to get a heads up on fall cooking don't forget to watch the video.

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