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Autumn superstitions: Leaves

If you're enjoying these autumn articles, then you'll enjoy the newest one, which is about leaves. Leaves are a big part of autumn, people will travel many miles to just take photos of them. They visually beautiful and the fun part of fall. So let's look at some superstitions about leaves. Believe it or not, they do have some.

  • If you catch every falling leaf in autumn, you'll get good luck.
  • Every leaf means a lucky month next year.
  • Line your hat with oak leaves as a protection against sunstroke.
  • You can also use elder leaves to protect yourself against sunstroke.
  • If the leaves on a tree rustle, then rain is near.
  • Ash tree leaves are considerable lucky.
  • If tree leaves wither, then there will be rain soon.
  • If leaves on the trees turn up on Monday, then it will rain before Wednesday.
  • If leaves on the trees turn up on Wednesday, then will rain before Sunday.
  • Yellow butterflies in the fall, show that within ten days there will be enough frost to turn the leaves the color of the butterflies.

So that's just some superstitions that involve leaves. Just one of the parts that makes autumn what it is. As a bonus for travelers, here's a link that tells you the best places from Budget Travel to see the autumn leaves.


Encyclopedia of Superstitions by Edwin and Mona Radford

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