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Autumn superstitions: Apples

Harvesting apples is a major activity during the early autumn days. The cold autumn nights is the perfect time to drink some apple cider, bobbing for apples is a fun activity to do during Halloween, eating caramel and candy apples is another Halloween activity, baking apple pies for Thanksgiving, the list goes on, you can see that apples are an important food for the autumn season.

Like anything apples have superstitions about it and most of them deal with love actually and how it helps people to find their lovers. So read about these superstitions that have to do with this yummy piece of fruit.

  • A sleet in February will produce a fine apple crop.
  • Apple seeds can be used to determine a future partner's identity.
  • If you hold an apple in your armpit until it's warm, then eat, the one you love will love you in return. Seems odd but could be helpful!
  • If you eat a crab apple without frowning, you will win the heard of the person you most desire.
  • If a person has the measles during the apple blossom time, they will not have them so badly.
  • The number of seeds inside an apple tells you how much children you'll have in the future.
  • Twisting off an apple stem and reciting letters of the alphabet while twisting could help the person find the initials of their true love.
  • The most famous one is this one, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Peeling an apple during Halloween night will see how long you'll live. The longer the peel the better it is.

Now the time you eat an apple you can think of these superstitions that deal with this piece of fruit. Also if you love autumn and all things that pertain to it, stay with this series and read about the things related to the season and their own superstitions.

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