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Autumn Outings UK: Dedham Vale

potential cow patty
potential cow patty

Sign at the top of the vale

In one of the loveliest parts of England, you'll find a village tucked away in the countryside of Essex.  Travel about 2 hours east of London (just past Colchester) towards Dedham.

Once you arrive in Dedham, you'll cross a lovely little stream (and a cafe on your left) where you can hire some row boats for the afternoon.  Also, there is a FREE car park just after the cafe on your left.  I'm always up for free parking in England!

In the village, you'll find everything but a Boots, WH Smith and Clark's.  You will find a village almost untouched by time (unique for the UK).  And a little ice cream shop that sells a magnificent 99 Flake.

If the hike through the village isn't enough to stir up your longings for a quieter life, stroll by the cattle grazing in the nearby fields.  Just take care that you don't step in their natural waste products.

See the photo slideshow for more pictures.  It's worth the visual trip!