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Autumn is coming to South Central Alaska: Top 10 signs

Yellowed and browning, these leaves are trying to tell us something!
Yellowed and browning, these leaves are trying to tell us something!
Kellie Davis

All over Anchorage and Mat-Su, we are watching it happen! Fall is in the air! How do you know fall is coming?

10. The state fair is over and the winners of the biggest pumpkin and cabbage are now part of a distinguished history.

9. The sun is finally shining and even warm sometimes.

8. Instead of their bringing their mothers bouquets of dandelions, children are bringing home bouquets of colorful leaves! And those leaves are yellow, not green!

7. Giant yellow school buses crowd the streets in the morning and afternoon. If you have to be someplace on time between 6:45 and 9:15, plan accordingly and leave a few minutes early.

6. Depending of your place of worship, Sunday school has resumed for the new school year and excited children under the age of 10 announce things like, “I love Sunday School! Now I have school six days a week!” while older kids groan at the thought.

5. The sun is getting less air time.

4. You are broke from shopping for back-to-school and being “invited” to bring specific items to several teacher appreciation banquets.

3. Where summer events got your children talking excitedly, now when you ask your kids what they did all day, they say, “Nuthin’.”

2. You are making appointments to get your dental work done as soon as PFD’s arrive.

1. Termination dust on the mountains!

Happy Autumn!


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