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Beautiful Budapest

Budapest is a top tourists destination due to the wonderful Hungarian cuisine, hospitality,thermal spas and baths, rich culture and history and buzzing nightlife.

Autumn in Budapest
Autumn in Budapest
Reka Peti-Peterdi
Budapest attractions
by Reka Peti-Peterdi

The Hungarian capital is celebrated as one of Europe's most beautiful, most lively capitals. The city's spectacularly beautiful architecture inspires many artists and attracts countless holidaymakers from all over the world. This is a town that sightseers always love and constantly want to visit again. The marvelous Hungarian capital was destroyed and devastated many times during history. Now it has many contemporary characters and the "Pearl of the Danube" certainly has countless reasons to visit. It is a legendary city, rich in remarkable sites, history, celebrated persons, and jam-packed with tourists.

Budapest is located in the heart of Hungary. The location of the Hungarian capital is breathtaking. The Danube divides the city into two parts: Buda and Pest. They have distinctive characters. Up on the hilly, leafy Buda one can discover a lot of deep yellow colored buildings, museums, galleries, churches and parks. The past visibly left his footprints here. Tourists may find themselves traveling quite a few hundred years back in time. This part of the city is full zigzagging residential streets and popular sights, such as the Castle District, the Royal Palace, and the famous Matthias Church. Buda is also the green belt of the city, where people like to walk and hike.

The Pest side of Budapest is quite different from the hilly, green site of Buda. Pest is kind of the flat part of the city. It looks more hectic, modern, urbanized and populated. This part of the city has countless elegant hotels, fine restaurants, popular jazz clubs, shopping malls, and cafes. The atmosphere of several old European cafe houses attracts many people who love to enjoy tasty cakes and strong coffee.

In the Hungarian capital, each building has a story to tell. Budapest has no shortage of things to see. What to see exactly? The list is literally endless.

It is a memorable experience to cross the iconic Chain bridge on foot. Taking a tour in the biggest parliament building of Continental Europe is highly recommended. Visitors don't want to miss walking on the elegant Andrassy Avenue lined with stunning buildings and cafes. Having breakfast early in the morning at the Central market is fun. Riding the funicular cogwheel railway up the leafy Buda hillside is convenient. Visiting Matthias Church in its glory is popular. Visiting Budapest's main charm, the cobbled Buda Castle district is a must. Walking on Margaret Island is refreshing. Visiting a thermal bath is absolutely relaxing. Taking pictures of Little Queenty on the Duna Corso promenade is fashionable. Leaving Budapest without enjoying the atmosphere of an elegant cafe is unimaginable. Listening to Hungarian classical music is unforgettable. Eating out in a traditional Hungarian restaurant and becoming familiar with the local flavors is a must. Cruising the Danube at day or night is a must do.

Enjoy Budapest and visit back again!


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