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Automotive brake standards and repair procedures

2005 jeep rear brakes
2005 jeep rear brakes

Thanks to technology automotive braking systems have become very sophisticated and dependable, usually easily serviced and most of the time easily diagnosed. Here are some common scenarios dealing with average brake service and repair. Not to be confused with Antilock Brake System electrical malfunctions, which run the gamut in difficulty and frustration.

Most new vehicles arrive at the dealership with the thinnest engine oil possible which gives the best miles per gallon average, as well as the best stopping brake pads available. Not neccessarily the longest lasting or the best for your other brake components. Believe it or not but certain brake ppads are harder than steel that the brake rotors are made from, some are ceramic, semi-metallic, soft metallic, organic non asbestos and of course asbestos. not all types are available for every car.

There are measurement standards for brake tolerances and failures. Ask your service provider to give you these standards and take the time to understand, it can save you hundreds. As an example my own vehicle has 140,000 miles on it, I do alot of driving, about 1500 miles a week. My rear pads have been replaced once, the rotors were not worn or close to discard spec, the fronts still have not been needed or excessively worn. It is how I drive slowing gradually and not tailgating.

Our brakes are probably the most important system on our vehicles. They justify expert service technicians, and proper expense. So be prepared to pay for proper repair, but also understand 10mm is thin or thick depending on what the spec is for that component. some rotors start out close to 10mm, as some brake pads start out thicker than that and will wear the center of the rotor out instead of the edges.

For future concerns or advise on your specific vehicle contact me at, or many online sites that can give you specs and recommendations for your car or truck, such as, or, and many others, I haveing no affiliation with any.