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Autographer wearable camera mount adapter broadens image capturing versatility

The Autographer Mount Adapter lets you attach the camera to your bike
The Autographer Mount Adapter lets you attach the camera to your bike
OMG Life

Autographer is the world’s first intelligent wearable digital camera that aims to be your go-to device for capturing life's spontaneous moments. The company behind Autographer, Oxford Metrics Group (OMG) Life announced a new accessory Wednesday (June 18), the Autographer Mount Adapter.

According to OMG Life in a news release sent to Examiner, the Autographer Mount Adapter was created to satisfy consumer demand. As Pocket-Lint reports, some customers resorted to taping or strapping the camera to objects to keep it in place.

The Mount Adapter for Autographer increases the device’s versatility, letting users affix the hands-free camera to photography accessories and other objects. “We saw time-lapse customer videos of picnics, events, weddings and also road trips on bikes, scooters and even baby strollers. Our customers have been asking us for more secure ways to fix the Autographer in situations like these so our new Mount Adapter does just that,” managing director of Autographer, Simon Randall said in a statement.

Expanding Autographer’s accessory range with the Mount Adapter helps photo enthusiasts get the most out of image capturing. Two ¼ inch screw thread mounting points on the Mount Adapter allows for a secure connect to tripods, bicycles, baby strollers and windows.

With the Mount Adapter, time-lapse photo sequences of family events like birthday parties can be seamlessly captured by attaching Autographer to a tripod. Cyclists can now mount Autographer to their bike's handlebars to take hundreds of still images while trailing through scenic cycling routes. “Great things happen when you’re least expecting it and some of the most treasured moments are rarely captured with standard cameras. We created the Mount Adapter for Autographer to help people record even more of these moments as naturally and spontaneously as they happen,” Randall said. Mounting Autographer on a wine or soda bottle can save images of smiles and facial expressions during social gatherings. It can also be a great conversation piece at any dinner party.

The Autographer wearable digital camera promises candid images of “real life” as opposed to “posed life”. Boasting a 136-degree wide-angle lens, the intelligent camera detects variations in light, motion, direction, color and temperature to produce high quality images. On one full charge, Autographer can snap up to 12-hours of time-lapse photography, anytime and anywhere.

The Mount Adapter joins Autographer’s line of accessories, including a Waterproof Kit for taking photos underwater. With Autographer, there’s no limit to where and how you take pictures. Priced at $50 in the U.S., the new Mount Adapter is now available for purchase at

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