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Auto Repair Good Guys committed to helping Arizona’s ‘wounded warriors’

This morning I spoke with Thom Tschetter, of Auto Repair Good Guys Foundation, about a new program recently initiated by the group’s members. Mr. Tschetter graciously took the time to speak with me regarding the Cars for Wounded Warriors program, and how it came to be.

Initially Auto Repair Good Guys was meant to be a referral service of auto repair shops that employed honest, ethical business practices and who were dedicated to helping Arizona communities and motorists. It is not a list that one can pay to be on, in fact those listed pay nothing. Eventually, as a result of their high standards and community service, the Auto Repair Good Guys “Foundation” was born.

With proper funding, the non-profit foundation hopes to soon help communities by:

  • Fixing cars for families in need.
  • Donating rehabilitated cars to families who have no transportation.
  • Sponsoring scholarships for deserving students to attend Auto Vo-Tech Schools.
  • Making contributions to select Arizona charities and worthy causes.

In September ARGG member Dave Denmom, of Dave’s Car Repair in Glendale, presented the idea for Cars for Wounded Warriors to fellow members, and unanimously they agreed to put the plan into effect. The program is designed to help American military personnel and their families who have automobile-related needs and are struggling financially due to death, injury, or physical or mental problems as a result of service to their country.

While they have dedicated people volunteering their time and talents, what they seriously need are donations of both, cars and money. Mr. Tschetter told me that he receives a constant stream of requests from people asking for help from the program.

The first recipient of the Cars for Wounded Warriors program is a veteran who struggles with a severe disability, stemming from his service to his country. This proud veteran recently lost his job; he has no means of transportation and has a large family that depends on him. Fortunately, yet unknown to him, he will receive a completely made over van that, incidentally, was donated by a fellow veteran. The surprise presentation of this gift will be made a week before Christmas.

The sacrifice of a soldier wounded while in service to his/her country is significant; it is one that can never be fully understood by those of us not in the military. With all the concerns facing our wounded warriors, a form of transportation should not be one of them. Please help the Auto Repair Good Guys Foundation in their quest to help Arizona’s heroes; truthfully no one deserves it more.

For more information about Cars for Wounded Warriors, to make a donation or to nominate veterans please go to: and click on the ‘contact us’ tab.

Also, please visit the site of the USO to learn about and support efforts to help the nations wounded warriors, go to:


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