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Auto Q&A with Tom Torbjornsen: Check engine light issues

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Dear Tom,
I have a problem with the check engine light on my 2007 Chevy Malibu. Every time I fill the vehicle with gas it goes on. After driving it for several miles, it goes off. I have taken it to the dealer many times, but they say nothing is wrong with the vehicle. What do you think could cause this problem?
John from Delevan, N.Y.

It sounds like there's a problem either with the gas tank vent valve, gas cap seal or the evaporative emissions system. Go to the shop immediately after filling the vehicle when the light is on and have it scanned or ask your dealer for a flight recorder so you can record the data stream when the light comes on. This way the shop will have the necessary data to properly diagnose the problem. I wish you success.

Tom Torbjornsen is an automotive expert of 37 years. An automotive journalist in good standing with the IMPA (International Motor Press Association) and MPG (Motor Press Guild), Torbjornsen is the Repair and Maintenance Editor for AOL Autos, At Home Portals and many other websites. Please send your car questions to his website at